Kalazić - Batina Rhine Riesling

Winery - Kalazic-Batina

Grape: Rajnski rizling
Wine type: White wines
Bottle size: 0.75 L
Country: Croatia
Region: Slavonia and Baranja

Kalazić's Baranja Riesling is a light, refreshing wine with a fine fruity bouquet of nectarine, light citrus and a range of floral aromas. The pronounced acidity enhances the fresh fruitiness on the palate, rounding off the fuller sensation of dryness. The Baranja variety of Rhine Riesling 2017, king of white wines, and the most noble white grape in the world, is characterised by a vivid, young wine that captivates the palate with its soft greenish color and delicate, yet expressive fruity hints of citrus, peach and acacia flower. The taste is full, with a noticeable residual sweetness, which is perfectly matched by the pronounced juicy acidity giving it a charming liveliness.

11.00 €

About Winery

We own 18 hectares of vineyards in excellent hilly positions in Baranja, between Zmajevac and Batina, and we cultivate 120,000 vines on that area. The vineyard was planted in two stages: half was planted in the spring of 2004 and the other half in 2005. The vineyards are located on the stretch between Zmajevac and Batina near the Danube. It is an area far from any microclimate industry ideal for producing high quality continental cultivar grapes. It is known that in the time of ancient Rome, vines were grown in these areas.