Adžić Rhine Riesling

Winery - Adžić

Grape: Rajnski rizling
Wine type: White wines
Bottle size: 0.75 L
Country: Croatia
Region: Slavonia and Baranja

Rhine Riesling of the Kutjevo vineyards is a calm, yet fresh, slender and easily drinkable off-dry wine of a controlled origin. It has a rather complex bouquet from the extended bottle aging. This Rhine Riesling is a vivid straw color with a tinge of green. Expressed on the nose first quite discreetly, it later opens more strongly, in an intermediate play with fruitiness, from local orchard fruits and a touch of citrus, as well as a floral note of bright flowers and a trace of vegetal aromas; with its charateristic kerosene note. In the mouth, the wine in its first rush feels like a combination of sweet and sour tones, joined by a pleasant shade of bitter. In the aromatic sense, it is, again, a kiss of kerosene. Kutjevo, Rhine Riesling contains 12.5 % alcohol Wine service: chilled to 10-11°C

13.00 € 9.10 €

About Winery

Viticulture and enology have been our passion throughout the long family tradition and the first bottles from the 1995 harvest were just a beginning of a dream come true. Our vineyards are located in the villages of Hrnjevac, Venje and Mitrovac in the well-known Kutjevo region on the southern slopes of Krndija. The area is highly recognized for the quality of wines and takes pride in its eight hundred-year -old tradition in winegrowing. The benefits of the climate along with a commitment and hard work have stood behind the excellence of our wines which is what we have aimed at in the past twenty years. And that goal will keep us moving forward.