Jakovac Mistik Chardonnay

Winery - Jakovac

Grape: Chardonay
Wine type: White wines
Country: Croatia
Region: Slavonia and Baranja

Jakovac Chardonnay is special for every drop. This yellow-green wine is adorned with aromas of honey and caramel with a perfect ratio of fruit aromas and acids. The simultaneous minerality and fullness of this wine enables its consumption with a variety of dishes and a wide range of ambience. Jakovac Chardonnay has 13% alcohol.

12.00 € 10.80 €

About Winery

Jakovac wines from the Erdut vineyards are the result of the work and efforts of young producers. We inherited the tradition as our grandfather and we decided to modernize and bring the spirit of youth into the whole process of wine production, as well as into brand building. We are civil engineers by profession, and in our free time, together with a team of young people, we nurture our love for wine and tradition, which has greeted us as a pleasure, but also a valuable obligation. We invest every free kuna in the modernization of the winery, the quality of various varieties of wine that we produce so that you, our valued customers, can enjoy them.