Miloš Plavac

Winery - Miloš

Grape: Plavac
Wine type: Red wines
Bottle size: 0.75 L
Country: Croatia
Region: Dalmatia

Plavac is the base wine the Stagnum variety is made from. Made from grapes of the Plavac Mali variety from steep terraced vineyards of the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. This is a wine that really exemplifies our expertise. The process of fermentation is spontaneous and done using exclusively indigenous yeasts. Aging takes place in large wooden barrels made of Slavonian oak. The wine is unfiltered and contains the minimal amounts of sulfite. There have been many good reviews written about this wine and it is highly regarded in the very demanding US market.

14.00 € 12.60 €

About Winery

Peljesac is the habitat of Plavac mali. In the colours of the Peljesac skyline reflect the colours of Stagnum: the purple-red and the granite hued colours are reflections of the sky under which it matures. The best locations on Peljesac are not endless surfaces of vineyards, but viticultural nests of Plavac mali, situated in the Peljesac hills. In extremely difficult working conditions men have created the vineyards weaved into the surrounding, dry-stone walls bracing the karst sinkholes , thus forming landscape architecture blanded into environment and creating unique microlocational units. The rock, the Plavac trunk, the rocky soil are materials which help the winemaker create his masterpiece - a vineyard on Peljesac.