Šember Champagne

Winery - Šember

Wine type: Champagne
Bottle size: 0.75 L
Country: Croatia
Region: Continental Croatia

Šember Brut is a sparkling wine variety produced with the classic bottle fermentation method, which includes a 3-year-long fermentation on yeast before the disgorging. The wine has a vivid golden-yellow color interspersed with strings of tiny pearls. A complex bouquet, based on a pleasant acidity and aromas suggest a pitted fruit, a crust of bread and a touch of butter.

17.00 € 12.75 €

About Winery

Inwrought by living nature, our vineyards interleave the hills of Plešivica. Time flies, generations alternate with the family, but the tradition of grape growing and wine production continues to provide indescribable joy among us. We return to nature constantly, and it returns to us with a magnificent variety, from vintage to vintage, rewarding us with the perfect wines. Tradition Three generations of Šember family are now active daily on the family farm in Donji Pavlovcani. Along with Zdenko, the visionary and main creator of our wines, his wife Ivanka, as his right hand, participates in all segments of winery buisness, promotion and tasting. Their son Nikola is graduate agronomist, and daughter Lucija (Wine Queen of the Zagreb County 2016-2018) and Klara are always present to assist in welcoming guests. Zdenko’s parents, Ružica and Stjepan, do not ease up in work in the vineyard - they convey experience and wisdom to younger generations that they have acquired for years of work in the vineyard. These Plešivica hills have been catching a glimpse and taking breath away for hundred of years. We are here only to serve nature and offer you to enjoy the best of it. Our vintage and wine are a reflection of what the year has been. And when the rain falls, and when the snow creaks, till heat plowes the ground, and the leaves rustles under their feet, the endless singing of vines, ladybugs, butterflies and birds echoes trough vineyards. Live nature, pure and unadulterated, crude and shining, like our wine, calm or sparkling, awakes the emotion of those who drink and recognize the inwrought love.