About Wine Store Croatia


DOTA is a small company owned by Natalia Zielinska, a Polish businesswoman has been living in Croatia for almost ten years.. Natalia is a famous business development and EU funds consultant. In every day work she helps Croatian companies and Polish investors to expand their business using EU funds. Aside from investments Natalia developed her love for Croatian wine, which she shares with friends and business partners. She recently decided to offer the best Croatian wines to customers from her homeland of Poland, who regularly visit Croatia and share the love for that country and Croatian food and wine.

Web store operate within the company DOTA, OBRT ZA POSLOVNO SAVJETOVANJE.


DOTA, obrt za poslovno savjetovanje,
vl. Natalia Božena Zielinska
Vladimira Nazora 9, OGULIN
OIB: 23198050704



Contact: +385 95 5736 209